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24 Aug

Welcome. My name is V. P. Hughes, author of A Thousand Points of Truth. I’m so happy to have you as a visitor to my blog about my book. This project is very special to me, and I hope to share some of that excitement with you here.

I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about A Thousand Points of Truth, expanding on some of the topics in it and blogging on some of the ideas related to my book. This is a great place for you to get to know me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too. What did you think of A Thousand Points of Truth? What questions do you have for me? How do you relate to my book?

I’ll be returning here frequently with new posts and responses to feedback from you. Until next time, tell me a little bit about yourself.

3 Responses to Welcome to My New Blog!

  1. Steve Hicks

    September 5, 2017 at 1:17 am

    I thoroughly enjoyed your book! It was so interesting reading how Col Mosby was perceived by his contemporaries.

  2. Joan Hough

    September 23, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    Hughes: In your A Thousand Points of Truth, you have given us a fascinating view of a fascinating Southern hero. Yours is a shocking, truth -filled, historical text. What a novel thing—truth in a history book! Amazing! Your research has resulted in a remarkably candid biography of an American who did his best and gave his all–despite enemies determined in both war and peace to destroy him. What a wonderful—what a marvelous movie Mosby’s true story would make if ever truth returns to importance in Hollywood.

    I never would have believed that any loyal Confederate, after the War Against Southern Liberty, could vote for a Republican President—could become a Republican. John Singleton Mosby, in his own words, gave me a real understanding of the value of someone doing just that. His plan to ameliorate the hells of Reconstruction involved Southern supporters placing General Grant, rather than Horace Greeley into the Oval Office. Although Grant was elected, Southerners, however, undoubtedly lost a great opportunity by failing to do as did Mosby, and support him.

    After reading your book, I have reached the following conclusions as to what Mosby knew/ realized about the candidates for the White House and the U.S. government. Unlike most Southern leaders, Mosby was aware that GREELEY, the man behind the worst of the Republican Party’s torturous War and prison horrors, was responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation created in the hope blacks would massacre whites–that it emancipated nobody, but kept England and France from supporting the Confederacy. Mosby must have realized that Greeley was the master-mind behind the Creation of the Republican Party by his Ripon Wisconsin Commune members and those 1948ers. Mosby must have recognized that Greeley was a Republican hypocrite “suddenly turned Democrat” in hope of deceiving Southern voters into placing him in the Oval Office.

    Mosby knew that GREELEY, wallowing in Socialism-communism along with his great friend Abe Lincoln, had, as editor-publisher-owner of the New York Tribune, employed for ten long years, Communist Karl Marx and let him flood the north with articles and editorials thoroughly preparing northerners to hate the South and kill Southerners. Mosby knew that Greeley’s offices became Charles Dana’s personal employment center wherein American jobs with influential power were obtained for immigrant European Marxists, including jobs, historically significant—jobs giving the Communists immense “Hate the South” propaganda opportunities and causing Lincoln to slap titles of General or Colonel on many of them.

    Too bad all Southerners were kept ignorant of Mosby’s plan. Had it been put into motion, the Radical Republican Party most likely would have been forced to leave Abe Lincoln alone. The South would have benefitted from Lincoln’s kinder Reconstruction policies. The suffering of Southerners might have been greatly ameliorated.

    This reader, if living then and knowing all that Mosby knew, would have joined Mosby in supporting Grant for office. Excellent, thought-provoking history book. More, please.


    • V. P. Hughes

      September 23, 2017 at 6:54 pm

      Joan, thank you for your very gracious (and positive!) comments. My entire effort in this book was to clear Colonel Mosby’s name which, to this day, has been slandered by those who either do not know the truth of Mosby’s actions or who simply refuse to accept them because they disagree with those actions and, for that reason, they attribute to him venal motives. As I noted in the book, Mosby was willing to accept the fact that people disagreed with him. All that he demanded was that they accept what he did for the motives he indicated. Unfortunately, they could not even do that but insisted that he acted out of self-interest and venality. If John Mosby did what he did after the war for self-interest then he would have had to be the stupidest of men, which was hardly the case.

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