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29 Oct

Will someone please tell me, when did facts and truth become hatred, bias, bigotry and (God help us!) “racism?” Or do these negatives obtain only when someone has the temerity to express them? Is saying something politically incorrect a matter of “bias?” And if that is what is believed today, then why is it believed contrary to reason?

Western civilization is a white civilization. These are the facts and the truth. There is nothing on earth that has elevated mankind as has Western Civilization with all its faults. Even the great civilizations of Asia were limited; they remained within their racial and ethnic group and did not expand to the rest of humanity. The mighty civilizations of Mezo-America were stained by human sacrifice. The civilizations in northern Africa, India and the Middle East were not black; the Egyptians, Persians, Indians etc. were far closer genetically to Europeans than they were to sub-Saharan Africans. And regarding sub-Saharan Africa, there were no civilizations arising in that region! Such “modernity” as is/was found in the region was the result of European colonization. Once the Europeans were gone, so was the civilization they brought with them. Oh, there remains a fading remnant it is true, but once that breaks down, it is abandoned. These facts are not open to rational dispute; more than sufficient valid testimony exists to prove the case.

One must then wonder why the assault on the white race by most of the rest of humanity? Why the desire to make whites “guilty” for all of the evils of mankind when there is blame enough to go around to every race? Why the need to destroy Western Civilization despite the fact that it has been responsible for bringing man from the Stone Age to the Space Age? In the end, those who buy into the current genocide that targets the race that produced everything from the knowledge and philosophy of ancient Greece to the moon landing will find that if they do achieve what they seek, the rest of humanity will sink back into the darkness from which Western Civilization liberated it.

I thank God that I’m an old woman. Given what I see of the future, I do not envy those just starting their lives.


3 Responses to The Ultimate Question

  1. Dennis

    December 2, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    One need only look at the cities in the USA where there is a high percentage of those descended from Black Africans reside and you will see a area rapidly returning to the Stone Age. I firmly believe that left to their own device, Blacks will devolve back to where they were 1,000 years ago in Africa. They are basically incapable of thought outside of the very basics, for the most part.

    • V. P. Hughes

      December 2, 2017 at 7:29 pm

      Actually, at one point the culture demanded of blacks the same standard of behavior as was demanded of whites. I do not doubt, however, that such was not always possible. The book that I have written whose website this is led me to see from the many newspaper articles that appeared in the same publications but dealt with matters quite aside from Col. Mosby did indicate a sad amount of violence, criminality and generally uncivilized behavior at least in the lower classes of blacks. If the same genre of book were written regarding the appearance of blacks in the newspapers, sadly it would illustrate that what we see today indicates the ongoing standard of black behavior.

      So, what then is the problem today? The problem is that such behavior used to be completely rejected by society INCLUDING intelligent blacks (and there were many!) but now is “excused” by virtue of the issue of slavery! Yet, slavery as practiced in the United States in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries should have no more influence on blacks today than any practice long since ended on the descendants of those involved in it. The simple fact is, nobody alive today in this country was either a slave nor did that person own a slave. There has been more than sufficient time for blacks to evolve BEYOND slavery, but they have chosen to BE enslaved to the government exchanging womb to tomb care for their vote rather than their labor along with the “right” to criminal actions virtually sanctioned by the establishment. None of this has benefited either the Negro OR the culture. Indeed, it has brought about the very antagonism between the races that supposedly was ended with slavery.

  2. Dennis

    December 19, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    It has long been a theory of mine that the lynchings that occurred 1865-1930 where about 3/4 of those lynched were negroes was not simply racism but an actual result of crimes being committed, often Rape. Many people don’t realize that until the mid-20th Century, Forcible Rape often carried the death sentence. If memory serves me correctly the last man executed for the crime of Rape was a man named Chessman who was gassed around 1960. So, given the negroes propensity to commit Rape, especially on White women, it is no wonder that so many found justice dealt out to them on the end of a rope.
    When one figures in the other crimes the negroes tended to specialize in such as Robbery and Murder, the roughly 3,000 negroes lynched between 1865 and 1930 it is somewhat surprising that the number is so low.

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