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21 Sep

History and its monuments are being attacked, we are told, because of the injustices done to blacks not only in America, but around the world. Black slavery that reached its heyday in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries is put forth as the worst crime in the history of mankind and, of course, those responsible have been determined to be, well, white. This, of course, is rather odd. To begin with, the idea that white ship captains and their crews ran around the dark continent capturing little black boys and girls and their helpless and harmless elders in order to carry them in chains back to Europe and America is only slightly less accurate than a Jules Verne trip to Mars. To begin with, any such attempt would probably have resulted in a lot of empty ships—empty of officers and crew as well as slaves—waiting on the coast and a great many well fed lions and crocodiles not to mention the odd Zulu or Masai warrior whose battle gear would now carry some new and different effects from watch chains and wedding rings to false teeth. No, the black slave trade was carried on in Africa by Africans! The white European or Yankee (no slave ships ever sailed from the South!) and the Muslim Arab had merely to appear with the appropriate gold to insure that his ships and caravans had the desired merchandise to carry homeward.

Interestingly enough, slavery is hardly dead in the 21st century! But, in the West, by 1888 even Brazil—the last slave-holding nation in the New World—had ended black slavery while every other Western nation—except the United States—had done so without war many years before Brazil! However, today slavery continues in Africa and Asia and much of it is black. So the idea that only the (white) West, and in the West, only the States of the South in the New World bear any blame for black slavery brings us back again to the prolific Mr. Verne. Interesting concepts but devoid of facts.

The question then is, why these days does any of this matter? History is filled with horror stories involving every culture and every time period. Why, in a brand new millennium are Americans seemingly transfixed over a war whose cause was only peripherally involved with slavery, and that only in the South? Remember, the States of the South were not the only States who still had slaves by 1861. Abraham Lincoln once opined that the slaves of New Jersey would probably be emancipated around the year 1900! New Jersey did end slavery at least rhetorically by determining that every black slave was now an “apprentice for life without pay.” Whatever else one may think of the Yankee, he is not without a certain chutzpah as the Jews say! And as my grandfather would have said, the Yankee had more nerve than a bum tooth!

Now we must get to the core of the matter, that core being why in the second decade of the 21st century is everyone so fixated on America’s black slavery long since ended when actual black slavery is still extant in the world! To begin with, it is not so much the institution of slavery, but the race of the slave that is of interest. Originally, in the “colonies” of the New World, most slaves were white. The British had no desire to pay for what they could conquer and enslave in their own part of the world: the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh and that Christian group that was out of power at the time—Catholics when the monarch was Protestant and Protestant when the monarch was Catholic! As well there were also the indigenous people in the New World who could be pressed into service when needed. However, they were unsatisfactory being more willing to die than to be enslaved. However, whites did not do well in the heat of the West Indies and the Southern colonies while Africans did.

When the traffic of Africans began in earnest, two colonies—Virginia and North Carolina—petitioned King George to end it; he refused. Meanwhile, the African slaves, far from dying after their long journey, flourished and their numbers multiplied to the point at which many white colonists became uneasy. This was even more of a problem after the uprising in Hispaniola leading to the creation of the first black nation in the New World—Haiti. In the North, however, the African did not flourish and other than profiting immensely from the slave trade itself, most in the North resented the presence of blacks in their midst. There were even instances when their dead were dug up and their bones scattered lest they infest white cemeteries! The virulently anti-black sentiments of those States who (supposedly) later went to war to free their “black brethren” is little, but not altogether unknown. Several years ago, a black journalist, Francie Latour, wrote an article that can be found in the archives of the Boston Globe, New England’s Hidden History. No person who holds an opinion on this subject should fail to read it unless, of course, they prefer to hold those opinions through ignorance.

In the South, meanwhile, strong Christian sentiment among the whites led to a different relationship between the races. Of course, it was definitely hierarchical with whites at the top, but it was far less inimical than the same situation in the North where the State of New York became known as the “slave’s graveyard.” In the South, in many cases, black slaves were allowed to practice any skill that they had learned after they had done their work for their own master and most were permitted to keep what they earned from their labors. This often resulted in a slave buying his freedom and, in some cases, going on to own property and slaves of his own! Indeed, the largest slave-holder in South Carolina at the start of the War of Secession was a black man!

Now, this is all very interesting history and if people were serious about who was to blame for what, all of this information would be common knowledge—but it isn’t. Why? Because most of those involved in this contretemps don’t care about either history or the truth! Indeed they reject it! Contrary to the belief of many decent, rational and intelligent folks that the present problem is about “slavery,” the simple fact is that slavery is an excuse. It is a means by which certain agendas are able to go forward. It is a convenient mask behind which to hide a very different and modern agenda. All of the hoopla and ballyhoo about Confederate symbols, monuments and heroes is so much—again to quote my grandfather!—“donkey dust!” While it is true that most black Americans after slavery found themselves isolated from the rest of the society, they did not necessarily find themselves without the benefits of America’s bounty. There were black millionaires! There were black professionals and leaders of commerce and certainly there were black politicians (as well as the ever present rabble-rousers). Were there as many of these as whites? No! But certainly they were present even in the days of Jim Crow—an invention of a Northern Supreme Court! It is also true that there were many poor blacks. But there were also many poor whites and before the “civil rights movement,” the black median income was rising and the black family was stronger in many instances than were white families! It wasn’t until Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” (and a less aptly named crime against the American people cannot be imagined!) that the government stepped into the shoes of ol’ Massa and many blacks returned to the days of the plantation where they were cared for from womb to tomb without having to do anything but vote Democrat! The black family—and with it the future of the majority of black Americans—was destroyed and the black social structure started down the road to Chicago, Ferguson and Detroit.

But who is the “real black victim” in all of this? It is not the black corporate executive or the black sports star. It isn’t even the black politician and still less the black criminal—albeit sometimes there isn’t much difference between the last two. The real black victims are those blacks who function very successfully within Western (a/k/a white) culture. Now sadly, there are—and will be—those intelligent blacks who, when the chips are down (as they are now!) will go with their race even to their own destruction and the destruction of the society that gave them their “blessings.” But those who realize that civilization at its best rather than tribal barbarism or the mindless hive of the New World Order lies with the West, are more hated by their fellow blacks than the most virulent “racist” redneck. Why? Because they prove what many “black leaders” reject; that is, that their race is capable of so much more if they cease their complaints and infantile self-gratification and reject the leftist communist utopian fairy-tale that has brought them to their present plight.

And, finally, when this “war” reaches a climax of hatred and death, the greatest tragedy by far will be that the opponents on both side will only be able to recognize skin color and that will mean that many will suffer and even die who, in better times, would have been noble companions.


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