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31 Aug

When the philosophy of America is no longer about building up but of tearing down, the “Great Experiment” is over. This situation is the major reason that Barack Obama won in 2008 and then again in 2012 (aside from massive voter fraud, of course). His comment about voting being the “best revenge” startled and horrified older Americans who at that time still viewed the nation according to its founding principles of opportunity and liberty. But Obama wasn’t speaking to them. He spoke to the voters who gave him the White House: the young who see life as an “us vs. them” scenario, minorities, most of whom believe that somehow their rise depends upon someone else’s fall, and single women who, because of the cultural assault on the traditional family, often find themselves  one failed relationship away from poverty.

Generations of propaganda pressing the economic concept of the “finite pie” has instituted permanent class envy together with its ongoing war between the supposed “haves” and “have-nots” while ever more people—whatever their social and economic situation—consider themselves among the latter. America has gone from a “classless society” in which an individual could rise to whatever heights his talents and efforts would take him to a culture in which people find themselves assigned to their respective classes—wealthy, middle class and poor—from which the chances of “moving” higher—minus some great stroke of luck or the efforts of the government—are virtually nil. Interestingly enough, when we were a nation without classes, more people moved up, poor to middle, middle to wealthy, than did the opposite. But in the new socialist environment, such is no longer the case. Indeed, the only class that seems to be gaining in numbers is the poor and the only one shrinking daily is the middle class. All of the political and economic warfare against the wealthy has done little to lessen their numbers or their wealth. It seems only to have made them more entrenched and less open to the influx of those lower down on the economic ladder.

The present American philosophy of class envy and economic warfare will produce the same sorry results as every other socialist “experiment.” Nonetheless, it will continue to play out because the majority of Americans have forgotten the lessons of the past, abandoned the concept of opportunity and effort and embraced the desire for revenge against those whom the government with its media allies have presented as their enemies. In a way, the current emotional atmosphere in America is akin to the mindless rage motivating those who think that killing large numbers of innocent people will somehow satiate their desire for personal vengeance. Their rage is directed outwardly but it is really the result of personal failures for which they cannot or will not take responsibility. Their intention is to destroy anyone and everyone they perceive as “responsible” for their situation and whether they do it with the bullet or the ballot, the results are the same: the death of a nation.

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