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12 Sep

Most Christians don’t believe in the Hindu concept of karma, that is, the belief that certain actions determine a future state—if you do A and B, the result is (probably) going to be C. Of course, as karma is not “directed” but the result of nothing but chance that explains why Christians are not believers. Still, even Christians get a certain satisfaction when, seemingly, fate/karma rises up and bites a particularly obnoxious entity on the backside!

One such incident happened that many are attributing to karma (or, in the alternative, the intervention of God) in response to an ongoing injustice. Various American cities, driven to violence against Southern monuments and memorials are dismantling history. To begin with, this is against the law almost everywhere it has occurred but as the courts are on the wrong side of the matter (as usual!) there is no help for us in the law! Yet, most of our cities have very grave financial issues involving the well being of their citizens, especially those metropolises that embrace criminal invaders known as “undocumented immigrants.” The cost to these municipalities for welfare and criminal activity alone could run a reasonably-sized country for a year, yet these same cities cannot wait to remove (and destroy)—at great expense—magnificent works of historical art in the name of combating “racism.” (I won’t go into that word now; that will be the topic of another blog!)

One city working feverishly to remove a beautiful equestrienne monument to one of America’s greatest and noblest citizens, Robert E. Lee, seems to have forgotten the fact that Texas is still reeling from the impact of hurricane Harvey. Perhaps Dallas was unaffected by the calamity, but even so, when an entire State has been devastated, you would think that the “leaders” of Dallas would put away the spray cans, axes and ropes and pay attention to people’s needs and not the demands of leftist haters and race mongers. But, no, yesterday the City of Dallas was set to remove the Lee monument that because of its size, required a large crane dispatched to do the (very expensive) dirty work.

Ah, but here is where “karma” raised its chaotic head. On the way to the scene of the soon-to-be-criminal vandalism, the crane was involved in a fatal accident with a truck. I don’t know who was at fault, but (I believe) the driver of the truck was killed. [] Apparently, karma doesn’t fool around! Now, much though I love these memorials and despise the war against them, no one should rejoice in any man’s death—especially a poor soul who wasn’t even involved in the desecration! Parenthetically, of course, I might quietly rejoice if some vandal were struck down by the very statue that he (or she) was in the process of bringing to earth—but such is not the case here. However, when this current incident was broadcast, a great many people made the almost instantaneous conclusion that karma was involved and I cannot blame them as the same thought occurred to me.

Sadly, it appears that barring some miracle, this crusade of cultural genocide against the West cannot be arrested. Indeed, recently a Polish King’s tomb was desecrated by, it is believed, some of the present Muslim horde in Europe who were offended because the King had turned back the Ottoman Empire at the Gates of Vienna! [] And with the eventual triumph of the New World Order will come the end of Western Civilization to be replaced by a combination of the “one world” elite at the top and a milieu of Islam and anti-white, anti-Christian minority militias “keeping order” throughout what used to be the West. Oh, this will not occur overnight, but it began so long ago in the United States—some say at the time of the Constitutional Convention in 1789—that by now we are coming to the point at which I, at least, no longer believe it can be stopped. The States of the South tried to turn back the tide of centralization in 1861 even if they did not understand the scope of the enemy they faced. Lord (John Dahlberg) Acton did, however, and said so in a letter to that same Robert E. Lee after the war. Acton, one of the greatest minds in a century of great minds, wrote: “I saw in States’ rights the only availing check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will, and secession filled me with hope, not as the destruction but as the redemption of Democracy…. Therefore I deemed that you were fighting the battles of our liberty, our progress, and our civilization, and I mourn for the stake which was lost at Richmond more deeply than I rejoice over that which was saved at Waterloo.”

Indeed, it is possible that the first assault upon American symbols targeted the South as chastisement for its resistance at that time to the establishment of the New World Order. However, in the end, it really doesn’t matter. After the Confederate monuments are removed from Gettysburg—something that is now being demanded—the Union monuments will soon follow having been rendered irrelevant. Eventually the entire “battlefield” will be relegated to a fair-sized cemetery surrounded by shopping centers and McMansions interspersed with Section 8 housing. Nothing of our history—North or South—will be allowed to remain. It cannot if a “one world” government is to be created! Meanwhile, all of those authors, historians and academics who played the establishment game or, at least, attempted to remain under the radar during this period of persecution are kidding themselves! Once history is forbidden, their professions—and themselves—will be as irrelevant as Gettysburg and all the politically-correct homage paid to the tyrants and vandals will have been for naught. Alas, however, that thought is not in and of itself comforting even when karma kicks in.


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