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16 Aug

For years I’ve been told I would do well on the TV quiz program Jeopardy—but I doubt that. Though I would not be ignorant of the answers to the questions, I would forget to couch the answer as the program demands. Thus while the correct response would be, say, “the Great Wall of China,” the program demands that I respond, “what is the Great Wall of China?” Thus I would fail because I did not posit the answer as a question.

There is a lesson to be learned here that goes far beyond some TV quiz program; that is, the answer to many of life’s problems are determined not be fact or circumstance, but by the nature of the question. If the premise of the question is false, no correct answer is possible. Much of what we deal with today is based upon false premises leading to false questions and thus false answers.

One question I read recently asked how the anti-gun folks are able to maintain their position in the face of overwhelming proof that the problem is not guns and especially legal guns. This was followed by endless statistics proving that well armed societies have very low rates of crime and that the worst crime occurs in the areas with the most gun control. Those asking the question cannot understand how the anti-gun crowd can fail to notice and/or understand these demonstrable facts.

But the question is wrong because it assumes that the anti-gun crowed is interested in those facts and that they would rethink their position if they discovered that their premise is erroneous. Not so! It is not that their premise is wrong, but that it is false! It is put forth to provide a screen behind which is hidden their true agenda, that is, that nobody should be armed but the State and those who protect the leaders of the State!

Of course, they cannot say that openly for to do so would reveal their intention to limit—and then ban—gun ownership by the ordinary American. At this point, at least, few are those who would accept this intention and so we get all the nonsense about “gun violence” that only the terminally naïve or the already converted, accept without question.

But “gun control” is only one area in which these false questions are used to both hide and promote the leftist agenda. Often, these diversions are used to engage honest people in what they believe to be efforts to address the ills of society. For example, there are the questions put forth regarding the invasion of illegals and refugees into our nation. Often we are asked to consider the sick, the old and children. Do we want them to “starve” or “perish” or “suffer?” And while good people seriously consider how to help the sick, the old and children, enemies who want only to bring us to ruin, flood into the country. Again, the question provides a diversion from the actual strategy being implemented. And so it goes.

The next time you read one of the “reasonable questions” regarding a strategy of the left, consider what is the real agenda. It is seldom what it appears.

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