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29 Sep

Of all of the sciences in which man is engaged, none is so pure as mathematics. Nothing external to the process bears upon it. 2 plus 2 equals 4 and 4 divided by 2 equals 2. One’s economic status, race, gender and religion count not one “jot or tittle” with regards to the correct answer. It doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich, black or white, man or woman, good or bad—the result is the result. Indeed, even in advanced forms of the discipline when it is possible to arrive at two conclusions, there is always a rational reason for the findings; they are not the product of mere confusion.

That is why I wondered why the new government efforts to indoctrinate our children—also known as “Common Core”—had such confusing and, frankly ridiculous—means of dealing with simple arithmetic. I have seen some of the examples of how children will be “taught” to deal with ordinary math problems, means which require many times the effort by which the problem would have been solved in the past and which frequently do not even lead to a correct answer after all the hoopla and hullabaloo involved! Why, I wondered, did those who constructed this mental morass even bother! It was supposed to teach but instead confused. It was supposed to empower but instead diminishes the ability of whatever poor soul is exposed to it. The mathematics in Common Core is a sort of infectious agent which apparently is intended to lead to a weakened intellect and lowered ability to perform even the most basic of tasks—such as making change or taking measurements.

And again, I wondered why—until I remembered that mathematics was probably the only discipline left in our culture unaffected by the mind-destroying concept of political correctness. No longer are truth and facts sufficient to form opinions or act thereupon. Now, all that matters is how people feel about any given matter whether it is history or politics or sociology or even art and entertainment. Falsehoods are embraced—indeed insisted upon—if the facts prove to be offensive to this or that protected class. “Better red than dead,” an old saying from the 50s and 60s is replaced—in name if not in spirit—by the idea that it is better to lose all freedom than to chance “offending” some particular group even when what is being said is as correct as the answer “4” to the question of “2” plus “2.” And that is why mathematics must be as sullied, soiled and perverted as just about every other discipline in today’s hapless society. When an innocent child or even a discerning adult realizes that there are correct answers that have nothing to do with the situation extant, that there are “absolutes,” moral and otherwise, and that there are facts and truths that may challenge our most cherished beliefs, it becomes impossible for the establishment to continue to promote without question falsehood and relativism to support its worldview.

So, having polluted just about everything else with emotion-laden determinations based upon desire rather than reason, our government now turns to Common Core to destroy the last bastion of common sense: mathematics. One has to wonder if our nation of sheep will prevent this offense against reason or if they will simply turn on the TV and watch sports. However, even there they cannot escape as the left has conquered the NFL! Well, good might come out of that if a bunch of overpaid under-bright athletes kneeling like mindless mules makes Americans wake up and smell the communist takeover before it’s too late! (If it isn’t already too late, that is.)

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